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XXI World Congress 
of Poets  PROGRAM

f you wish to read and participate
you are welcome
Anne Davis 97644453  

At the Landmark Parkroyal Hotel, 81 Macleay St, Potts Point 

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Whole Day:  incl. morning & afternoon teas and lunch
(Student Concession & WC associate members).


Evening Dinners: 

Monday at SBS $25/20.  







Please Note - Program is subject to change

7th October

2-6pm Registration

Upstairs Foyer of the Landmark Parkroyal Hotel,
81 Macleay Street
Potts Point

2-3.30pm Government House, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Visiting the Vision
Visit Government House of New South Wales
for a poetry reading in conjunction with

Listen to the poetry of:
Australian poet Ann Davis (Chair)

Polish poet Jozef Baran - English translation read by David Morris;
Chinese/Australian poet Xue Yang (Andy); Palestinian poet Hanan Awwad; Australian poet Nicolette Stasko; Indian Poet Amarendra Chakravorty; Polish/Australian poet Ludwika Amber; Japanese poet Ritsuko Kawabata; 
American/Assyrian Poet Yosip Bet Yosip

6.30pm Reception

Landmark Parkroyal Hotel
Cocktails and Light Buffet

Welcome to Country - Allen Madden
Welcome to Congress - Robyn Ianssen
Overview: World Congress of Poets - Rosemary Wilkinson
Welcome to overseas visitors
Mayor of South Sydney - Councillor John Fowler
Welcome Poem - Ann Davis
Presentation of Shawls - Justice S. Mohan
Launch of Anthology:
The Opening of Borders
by Professor Elizabeth Webby
Announcement of three best poems chosen by Dr. Michael Sharkey

We thank artist Michael Kefaloukas for the surrealist art works on display and performance poet Robert Balas for the accompanying ten metaphysical poems.

8th October

10.00am Governor Macquarie Room I

Introduction and welcome to Congress - Robyn Ianssen

Keynote Address - Professor Elizabeth Webby

10.35am Governor Macquarie Room I

Australian Readings
Chair - Robyn Ianssen

Martin Langford; Brook Emery; Jill Jones; John Bennett.


10.35am Governor Macquarie Room II

Mysterious Muse
Chair - Luo Ning

Yuming Zhou; Jiayun Qin; Rui-Cai Pan; Li Qing; Ying Wu; Xing-hua Gui; Yanping Mo; Fan Cheng Chen; Lou Fang.

10.35am Governor Phillip Room

The Influence of Poetic Language on Prose/Fiction
Chair - Prof. Elizabeth Webby

Dr. Louise Wakeling; Prof. Evelyne Voldeng; S.K. Kelen.


10.35am Governor Bligh Room

Spring Moods
Chair - Lizz Murphy

Dr. Chien-tien Chen; Devendra K. Uppal; Ruzhong Qin; Gombojav Mend-Ooyo; Edilia Porcu-Vidal; Goro Ihara; Natalie Zabek; Jian-Quin Hou; Pinaki Chakrabarti

11.15am Morning Tea

11.30am Governor Macquarie Room I

Nguwiya (to give) - Indigenous Readings
Chair - Dr. Anita Heiss

Barbara Nicholson; Jennifer Martiniello; Norm Newlin; Kerry Reed-Gilbert; Lisa Bellear; Lorraine McGee -Sippel.


11.30am Governor Macquarie Room II

Multilingual Readings
Chair – Ferit Berk

Prof. Ana Bruning; Abbas Boskany; Sergio Mouat; Jogmaya Narpatsingh; Reineria Garrido Quintero; Justice S. Mohan; Jae-Nam Yu; Anna Kumarich; Ante Glavor.


11.30am Governor Phillip Room

Speaking in Tongues
Chair - Penelope Grace

Aziz Bolel; Sheung Wai Chan(Sherry); Gorjan Maslinkoski; Alma Denton; Ka Sang; Violetta Veliz; Rossana Fuentes;

11.30am Governor Bligh Room

Poetry Workshop:
Facilitator: Margaret Beckett.

12.30pm LUNCH


1.30pm Governor Macquarie Room 1

International Showcase 

Chair: Ann Davis

Brook Emery; Dr. Rita Malhotra; Dr. Han-yi Baek; Amarendra Chakravorty; Prof. Evelyne Voldeng; Yang Lian ( translation Hon. Assoc. Prof. Mabel Lee); Jozef Baran (reader David Morris); Venie Holmgren; Preety Sengupta; Gang Ja Go; John Miles; Dushan Ristevski; Jing-Xuan Sun.

1.30pm Governor Macquarie Room II

Seoul Soul
Chair - Phillip Yoon

Soon Han; Jae-Nam Yu; Young-ja Park; .Jeong-Nim Lee; Kwung-soo Cho; Hi-Sim Yoon; Kuk-Hyun Shin; Chung-Kyo Oh; Kyong-Gu Choi.

1.30pm Governor Phillip Room

Launch by Dulcie Meddows of 
Meditations at the Edge of a Dream
by Beatriz Copello


Governor Phillip Room

2.00pm Defined Thought to Defined Word

Panel & Readings
Chair - Robyn Ianssen

Prof. Grevel Lindop; Dr. Hanan Awwad; Prof. Guo-hua Xiong.

1.30pm Governor Bligh Room

Papers: of Poetry of Peace
Chair: John Bennett

Presenters: Ada Aharoni; ‘Creating a Global Culture of Peace’; Yuriya Kumagai ‘Performed or on the Page’; Martin Langford, ‘Poetry, Biology and Peace’; Justice S. Mohan ‘Many Voices of Australian Poetry’; Gombojav Mend-Ooyo, ‘Magic Wave’; Xue Yi ‘Voices of the Future, Young People and Poetry’; Kwung-Soo Cho ‘My poetry and life', Sylvia Agnes Lois TBA 

3.30pm Afternoon Tea

6.30pm Dinner

Hosted by SBS Televison Station 
SBS Atrium, 
14 Herbert St
St Leonards, Sydney
with Diane Willman

Chair - Ann Davis
Robyn Ianssen; Mark O’Connor; Jill Jones;
Jeanette Wang; Jozef Baran (reader David Morris); Prof Guo-hua Xiong; Arif Iftikhar.

Music - Violinist – Stan Kornel


Tuesday9th October

10.05am Welcome - Ferit Berk

10.10am Governor Macquarie Room I

Poetry Rules
Chair John Bennett

Dr. Louise Wakeling; David Morris; Devendra K. Uppal; David Brooks; Beatriz Copello; Ritsuko Kawabata; Dulcie Meddows; Li Ping.

10.10am Governor Macquarie Room II

Melting Pot
Chair Ferit Berk

Robert Balas; Xue Yi; Carolyne Bruyn; Diane Penny; Lizz Murphy; Ramon Cuelho; San Ren Tu Ya; Gombojav Mend-Ooyo, Vukosva Doneva; Hou Zhang.

10.10am Governor Phillip Room

Brief Encounters
Chair - Kerry Reed-Gilbert

David Tribe; John Miles; Michael Macey; Sheung Wai Chan (Sherry); An-Li Wang; Sol-lae Lim; Branko Naumovski; Graeme Johnson.

10.10am Governor Bligh Room

Workshop: Barbara –French & Lyrical
Facilitator: Irina Spinadel


11.15am Morning Tea


11.30am Governor Macquarie Room I

Si, Si.
Readings - Spanish/Portuguese/Italian
Chair - Beatriz Copello

Lydia Brown; Euridice Alves; Jairo D Vanegas; Ibis Novoa; Carla Regente Adrianzen; Giovanna Guzzardi.

11.30am Governor Macquarie Room II

Panel - Writing Poetry for Children
Chair - Rosemary Wilkinson

Dulcie Meddows; David Morris; Ritsuko Kawabata; Amarendra Chakravorty.

11.30am Governor Phillip Room

Workshop: Poetry for Young People
Facilitator: Miss Xue Yi.


Governor Bligh Room

11.30am Translating Poetry Seminar

Chair – Hon. Assoc. Prof. Mabel Lee

Prof. Evelyne Voldeng; Dr.Dorothea Müller-Ott; Prof. Vrasidas Karalis; Prof. Yuriya Kumagai.


1.30pm Governor Macquarie Room I

Oz Poets: Imported & Homebrewed
Chair - John Bennett

Mark O’Connor; Kristie Overs; Gailan; Jacqueline Bussell; Kerry Reed-Gilbert; Paolo Totaro; Annemaree Adams; S.K. Kelen; Manjia Luo; Christopher Ingham; Anna Kerdijk Nicholson; Donna Sampson Zappotti.

1.30pm Governor Macquarie Room II

Australian Bush Poetry

Chair - Mirjana Majic


Terry Regan; Dulcie Meddows; Bill Lasham; Graeme Johnson.


1.30pm Governor Phillip Room

Launch by Judith Beveridge
of The Pomelo Tree 
byMargaret Bradstock


2.00pm Governor Phillip Room

Poets and Publishers Head to Head
Chair: Justice S. Mohan;

Dr Margaret Bradstock; Carolyne Bruyn; Guy Weller.


1.30pm Governor Bligh Room

The Reading Room
Chair - Ron Pretty

Judith Beveridge; Ouyang Yu; Bronwyn Rodden; Va Mu Sethuraman; Sergio Mouat; Preety Sengupta; Dr. Kwung-soo Cho; Ramon Cuelho; Euridice Alves; Matthew Wolnicki; Guo-hua Xiong; Yosip Bet Yosip.

Afternoon Tea

6.30pm Dinner: The Emperor’s Garden Restaurant

100 Hay Street, Haymarket

Hosted by Mr. William Chiu,
President, Australian Council for the Promotion
of Peaceful Re-Unification of China.

Peace Passage
Chair - Robyn Ianssen

Prof. J.S. Soong; Xiu-Shan Li; Willing Hwang;. Jiayun Qin; Jeanette Wang; Ouyang Yu; Gelling Gong; Yang Lian (Translation Hon. Assoc. Prof. Mabel Lee);


8.00pm Talking Points

Multicultural Readings 
at Berkelouw Books
Norton Street, Leichhardt
Chair - Beatriz Copello

Dr Ada Aharoni; Aziz Bolel; Ann Davis; Paolo Totaro; Betyna Bock; Dushan Ristevski; Dr. Han-yi Baek (reader Dushan Ristevski)


Wednesday10th October

10.00am-3.00pm Bush Walk & Picnic

Bus to Circular Quay - ferry to Manly -

bush walk & picnic-outdoor poetry readings.
Chair - John Bennett;

Jan Dean; Alma Denton; Alice Sinclair; Dr. Rita Malhotra; Qing Du; Zhang Hao; Sara Ditza Kourtchy.


10.00am-3.00pm City Tour Bus around City – 
Opera House,
Art Gallery - lunch Botanic Gardens, walk around The Rocks. Readings at the Charles Billich Gallery.
Chair - Robyn Ianssen

Mirjana Majic; Zhuang-Zhi Zhu; Carla Regente Adrianzen; Sang Ka; Anna Kumerich; Qing Li; Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy; Jeong-Min Lee.


6.30pm XXI World Congress of Poets,

The New South Wales Writers’ Centre and Carnivale

Many Voices

at The New South Wales Writers’ Centre
Balmain Road, Rozelle
(entrance opposite Cecily Street)

A Buffet Dinner and Readings

Welcome - Irina Dunn

Chair - Trevar Langlands

Prof Elizabeth Webby reading from Judith Wright; David Morris reading from A.D. Hope; Chien-tien Chen; Robert Balas; Prof Yuriya Kumagai; Justice Mohan; Penelope Grace; Dr Margaret Bradstock; Gailan; Craig Powell.

Performance by

Gaawazi Caravan

Paintings on show are by Portuguese-Australian poet and artist, Francisco Pacheco.

The poster display depicting the work of Jose Saramago, Portugal’s Nobel Prize winning writer, has been kindly lent by the Consul-General for Portugal in Sydney, Dr. Jose M. Santos Braga.

Thursday11th October

10.00am Governor Macquarie Room I

Welcome by Ann Davis

Launch by Ron Pretty of Billabong, Australian Poetry Anthology in Polish, Edited by Ludwika Amber

Governor Macquarie Room

10.30am Billabong Readings

Chair - Ludwika Amber

Robyn Ianssen; Beatriz Copello; Kerry Reed-Gilbert; Anne Fairbairn; Lizz Murphy; Ron Pretty; John Bennett.


10.30am Governor Macquarie Room II

Twin Dynasty
Chair - Xue Yang (Andy)

Willing Hwang; Qing Du; Prof. J.S. Soong; Ruzhong Qin; Xing hua Gui; Xi Yong Nian; Chi-lung Wang; Xiu-Shan Li; Chien-hung Chen.


10.30am Governor Phillip Room

Autumn to Spring
Korean Readings
Chair - Phillip Yoon

Jeong-Min Lee; Young-Ja Park; Soon Han; Kuk-Hyun Shin; Kyoung-Gu Choi; Chung-Kyo Oh; Sol-lae Lim; Hi-Sim Yoon.


10.30am Governor Bligh Room

Private Suite
Chair - Edilia Porcu-Vidal

Trevar Langlands, Frankh Wilks;Mirjana Majic;
Danny Gardner; Ferit Berk; Lydia Brown; Zhou Yuming; San Ren Tu Ya; Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy;

11.15am Morning Tea

11.30am Governor Macquarie Room I

Readings in Chinese/English
Chair - Luo Ning

Chien-Hung Chen; Yanping Mo; Bing Fu; Rui-Cai Pan; Jian-Qing Hou; Hou Zhang; An-Li Wang; Zhuang-Zhi Zhu; Manjia Luo.

11.30am Governor Macquarie Room II

Serenity Speaks
Chair: Ann Davis

Pinaki Chakrabarti; Dr Ada Aharoni; Rosemary Wilkinson;

Sara Ditza Kourtchy

11.30am Governor Phillip Room

Blossom Season – Love Poems

Panel Chair - Ludwika Amber

Dorothea Müeller-Ott; Jozef Baran (David Morris)


11.30am Governor Bligh Room

Palabras Readings
Chair - Penelope Grace

Raquel Borba; Maritza Campusano; Nemesis Moreno;

Carmen Garabarino; Norma Esnaola; Mary Rosa Calvino Citra; Mari-Paz Ovidi; Susana Di Yorio; Maria Julia Bugallo;

12.30pm LUNCH

1.30pm Governor Macquarie Room I

Refugee Poetry
Chair - Trevar Langlands

Luz Acuña; Xuan Duong; Barmathy Somesgaram.

2.00pm Governor Macquarie Room I

Overview – Robyn Ianssen

Plenary Session

Chair - Rosemary Wilkinson


1.30pm Governor Macquarie Room II

Voices of Today
Chair - Beatriz Copello

Matthew Wolnicki; Anita Varga; Julie Qiu; Xi Tong; Ying Wu; Suzanne Moukaddam; Lou Fang; Jimin Chen; Wu Ti; Sylvia Agnes Lois; Xiu-shan Li; Ivan Trposki.

1.30pm Governor Phillip Room

Hat & Fiddle

Penelope Grace

2.00pm Post Scripts

Chair - Penelope Grace

Simon Kidd; Barbara Fern; Peter Bowden; Molly Kennealy; Pip Griffin; Jennifer Lane; Julene Cook; Christopher Ingham; Pamela Scoble; Shuan Zi (Belinda); Hadrian Judge; Pero Damcevski-Kocin.

1.30pm Governor Bligh Room

Open Windows
Chair - Christine Shannon

Irina Spinadel; Duska Salecic; Margaret Beckett; Ruzica Nimac; Vicki Vivian; Li Ping; Francis Lee; Gary Fang; Sun Jing Xuan; Goro Ihara; Carolyn Gerrish; Gang Ja Go.

Afternoon Tea

6.30pm Farewell Dinner

Hosted by South Sydney City Council
Paddington Town Hall

Platform to Peace
Chair - Beatriz Copello

Rosemary Wilkinson; Prof. Yuriya Kumagai;  
Yosip Bet Yosip; Va Mu Sethuraman

Address by Mayor of South Sydney, 
Councillor John Fowler

Farewell to Congress - Robyn Ianssen
Vocalist – Yosip Bet Yosip
Farewell Poem - Ferit Berk
Chilean Musicians – Renaciminto Andino


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