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World Congress of Poets

Highlights 2000 


October 2000 at the 
NSW Writers Centre 


Valuing Our World Poetic Heritage 2000

Professor Elizabeth Webby launched a very successful World Congress of Poets poetry weekend and anthology on  7th October at the NSW Writers' Centre, Rozelle, Sydney. 

Jeung Ho-seung (right) with David Morris who read the translations
His poems and paper are here.

The Workshop Leaders

Bronwyn Rodden & Lizz Murphy reading from 
Wee Girls - an international anthology 
of Irish women's writing
(on St Patrick's Day)
Professor Elizabeth Webby, David Morris, Louise Wakeling, John Bennett, Lizz Murphy and others read from Paterson, Lawson, Mackellar, Wright, Kendall, Hope, Gilmore and others along with their own poetry followed by an enjoyable open section .