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Coming to Sydney in October 2001!  About the World Congress



1969 Philippines

1973 Taiwan

1976 USA

1979 Korea

1981 Spain

1982 Morocco

1985 Greece

1986 India

1988 Thailand

1990 Egypt

1991 Turkey

1992 Israel

1993 Mexico

1994 Taiwan

1995 Kazakstan (cancelled due to political instability)

1996 Japan

1997 Korea

1998 Slovakia

1999 Mexico

2000 Greece

2001 Australia

2002 China


The World Congress of Poets was formed in 1969 by Amado Yuzon, Tin-wen Chung, Krishna Srinivas and Lou LuTour to unite nations in an effort to achieve world peace and understanding through poetry. It was established under the auspices of the World Academy of Arts and Culture incorporated in USA as a non-profit organisation in 1973.

Its official languages are: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Hebrew.

The World Congress has an international committee of volunteer officers headed by the President, Rosemary Wilkinson of USA. Each country organises the Congress in their own way with readings, seminars and associated cultural events including art exhibitions. The number of poets attending has ranged from 200 in Slovakia to 700 in Japan.

The Committee organising the Congress in Sydney in 2001 has Indigenous poets and others writing in English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Polish, Spanish and Turkish. 

To date the Congress has been hosted by nineteen countries.